“Creating an image and brand for your business can be just as important as the product or service you sell.  The process can be rather involved with a designer, so choose wisely.  Cole was always extremely professional, responsive, and most importantly PATIENT. As a new small business owner, I found the graphic design process rather difficult at first.  Originally I worked with a designer that was expensive, lacked communication, and wasn’t fitting with my overall vision, which ended up eating quite a bit of time and money. Luckily, I was able to connect with Cole soon after.  On our first meeting, I was impressed with the very meticulous and specific questions he asked, in order to paint a vision in his head. After the identity was created, Cole is always standing by to assist with additional projects and imaging as needed.  It’s a dream knowing you can rely on someone like Cole to run with your vision and marketing projects!”

Zach Witt   /  Founder - ilumen, LLC

I received Cole’s information via referral and we began with a phone meeting to discuss my ideas & goals. He listened to understand vs listening to respond, and asked purposeful questions. He was clear and concise with his processes, pricing, and purpose - and the journey of cultivating my brand began.  Along the process, we pivoted and made adjustments when necessary. I learned a lot about myself, and it truly was a rewarding experience.  Lastly, the product was delivered on time, and as promised - all files necessary for web, print, and social media.  The end result went above and beyond my expectations.  I’m grateful to have had Cole as part of my journey, and look forward to working together again.

Dave LoSavio  /  VP of Sales, Champion of Culture

"It took me a very long time to find a graphic designer that understood my marketing needs and shared the same vision I had. Cole helped me take my marketing campaign to the next level, his work on my website, print and internet marketing made a significant difference to my business. Thank you Cole for all the hard work you put into it."

Shelhee Gal-Kossover  /  Rodeo Realty Fine Estates

"Thank you Cole - for your creativity and innovation! Being in the real estate business for over 20 years, I felt that the monotonous real estate advertising, was plain boring. I am grateful for the excitement that you brought to our marketing. I can't wait to see the new fall campaign!"

David Elan  /  Rodeo Realty Fine Estates

“Wellness & Performance Enterprises are health and fitness professionals representing a broad range of products and services. Our field is very competitive, so the design and functionality of our websites were crucial for attracting new customers. In the past we have spent quite a bit of money, time, and energy with designers, only to end up with mediocre results.

I met with Cole in the beginning of 2017 and explained our goals: We needed totally new websites that were attractive, and easy for our customers to navigate. It was also very important that we would be in the “driver seat” after the websites were completed. We didn’t want it to be difficult to maintain and make edits to the content. 

We were pleased to see all of our goals met within such a quick timeline. Our websites look and function great, saving me time answering customers' questions and being extremely simple to update. 

It was a pleasure working with Cole , he was always quick to find a solution to unexpected issues. At the same time Cole is reliable, professional, and understands the importance of good communication! He did an excellent job and we will certainly hire Cole for upcoming projects as well.”

Bernd Zimmermann  /  CEO - Wellness & Performance Enterprises

“As cloud technology grows more prominent our company was looking to update our logo. Fortunately we were able to connect with Cole who was easy to communicate with and provided us with insightful work throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. The identity is streamlined and sure to set us aside from our competitors!”

Jason Drougas   /  VP of Sales - STC Technologies