ilumen, LLC is a start-up solar distributor, and one of the first re-sellers of the smartflower POP in the Midwest. The smartflower is the world's first all-in-one solar system, making solar energy easily accessible, portable, and visually appealing.

This revolutionary system doesn't come cheap, so the logo and identity needed to convey a clean, corporate, yet forward-thinking feel to instill trust in ilumen's customers and investors. 



ilumen's mission is to promote the use of solar energy, cut costs on energy bills, and overall reduce consumption. The logo stemmed from the idea of a horizon symbolic of shining light on a new era, and transforming how we think of energy.

Stylistically the logo is sleek, minimal, and presents a notion of innovation. The tagline "Powerful by Nature" has dual meaning, expressive of natural, self-sustaining power. The identity incorporates an energizing green which brightly contrasts both light and dark backgrounds.