HELLO brandon,

My name is Cole and I’m a graphic designer currently focusing on brand and identity design. Since moving to LA from Chicago two years ago, I have motivated myself to always be learning as a young designer. This is why I am reaching out. I know that the chance to collaborate with you and your team would be an incredible growth opportunity, and the challenge that I currently seek.

Formally, my training and education has given me strong knowledge of typography, hierarchy, color theory, and overall the fundamentals of design thinking. Working in both a corporate and freelance environment has accustomed me to multi-tasking under tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. Most importantly though, I am passionate about my work and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and done right. Complications come up every day in the workplace, and I will always strive to find the best solution, no matter the level of pressure.

Although my real estate experience isn’t fully aligned with your current work, I have no doubt that my skills and experience would carry over seamlessly. Your commercial real estate branding is exceptional and something that I would love to be involved with. I believe in the impact of good research and story-telling in design, two processes that are strikingly apparent in your work.

I know that you are extremely busy, so I thank you for taking the time to read this. I will finish by saying that I am highly dedicated to my work, and will do whatever it takes to prove that to you and your team. I have a lot of value to offer, and would be thrilled with a chance to discuss that with you further. 






- Concepting / Research
- Brand Development
- Logo Design
- Typography
- Print Production
- Illustration
- Painting
- Photography
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe Photoshop

Full Time

Rodeo Realty
August 2015 - July 2017

- Create custom branding and marketing materials for real estate agents (print, web, email, and social media)
- Create weekly ads for the LA Times, and the Palisades Post
- Created custom website for Rodeo Realty's Pacific Palisades branch
- Create marketing materials for corporate office, and Pacific Palisades branch.


Break the Silence
July 2017 - present

- Brand & identity design
- Logo design

Frontrunner Networks
June 2017 - present

- Website re-design (Chicago branch)

ilumen, LLC
December - May 2017

- Brand & identity development
- Logo design
- Stationery
- Website
- Marketing collateral

Key Technologies
May 2017

- Logo design
- Stationery

Wellness & Performance Enterprises
October 2016 - March 2017

- Website re-design for American Nordic Walking Association
- Website re-design for smovey North America

STC Technologies
March - May 2016

- Logo re-design
- Stationery

Vibe Collection
September - November 2015

- Brand & identity development
- Logo design
- Stationery
- T-Shirt design
- Marketing collateral

SAIC Graphics & Marketing
January - April 2015

- Campaign development/ branding for SAIC's 2015 Annual Spring Art Sale
- Created print and web advertisements, and all marketing collateral required for the sale. 



School of the Art Institute of Chicago
August 2011 - May 2015

- Graduated with BFA in Visual Communication Design
- Merit scholarship recipient


Recently Finished: ilumen, LLC



ilumen, LLC is a start-up solar distributor, and one of the first re-sellers of the smartflower POP in the Midwest. The smartflower is the world's first all-in-one solar system, making solar energy easily accessible, portable, and visually appealing.

This revolutionary system doesn't come cheap, so the logo and identity needed to convey a clean, corporate, yet forward-thinking feel to instill trust in ilumen's customers and investors. 


ilumen's mission is to promote the use of solar energy, cut costs on energy bills, and overall reduce consumption. The logo stemmed from the idea of a horizon — symbolic of shining light on a new era, and transforming how we think of energy.

Stylistically the logo is sleek, minimal, and presents a notion of innovation. The tagline "Powerful by Nature" has dual meaning, expressive of natural, self-sustaining power. The identity incorporates an energizing green which brightly contrasts both light and dark backgrounds. 


more Brand Identities...


Shelhee & David Real Estate

Vibe Collection

STC Technologies

Chicago Gateway Green (not in use)





Thank you for your time & consideration.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

COLESTOTT@GMAIL.COM   /   847 922 6279